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Collection Development and Management

Membership & Roles


As mentioned above, the IRG consists of members from the two library departments, CDM and User Services. CDM’s role with regard to information resources is operational, but content neutral. CDM has working relationships with vendors and therefore obtains information regarding the resource such as pricing and technical specifications. CDM clarifies the budgetary and procurement implications of decisions regarding any particular request. While anyone can suggest a resource for consideration, including members of CDM, the need for an advocate as describe above still prevails. Final decisions are the purview of the IRG. 

After a decision is made CDM’s role is to navigate the range of complexities that exist with our licensed products and the very specific and detailed workflow that must occur in order for any resource to be acquired and for subsequent access to be established.  CDM also works closely with the cognizant departments and offices on campus and thus after a decision has been made to proceed with acquiring an information resource, it is the responsibility CDM to usher it through the entire purchasing and access cycle. The IRG Chair will be a member of CDM because of the complexity and potential volatility of the materials budget and the variety of workflows involved in the overall process of acquiring an electronic information resource. The role of the IRG Chair is to schedule meetings, call for agenda items and keep meetings on task.

Because IRG decisions impact the materials budget and the activities within CDM, several members from CDM should be standing members of the IRG. The standing members from CDM shall include: the Chair of CDM, the Acquisition Librarian, the Continuing Resources Librarian, the Discovery Services Librarian, the Electronic Resources cataloger, the Collection Assessment Librarian, staff from Continuing Resources and the Materials Budget Accountant.

User Services

Members of the IRG from User Services perform the liaison role as described above by participating in discussions concerning the particular value of an information resource within the boundaries of either meeting known research needs or curricular needs.  (NOTE: some liaisons are CDM members, but the majority are from User Services.)  The Chair of User Services should be a standing member of the IRG as a representative of those liaisons not a part of the IRG. Another standing member of the IRG should be the Instruction Librarian, whether they are a liaison or not, since decisions of the IRG directly affect instruction and the tools used to manage them. Additional User Services librarian liaisons may serve an “at large” role and rotate out if desired. Other non-member liaisons are welcome to attend specific meetings to provide feedback when relevant.


2017-2018 IRG Members


Suzanne Mangrum, Acquisitions Librarian; Interim Chair of Collection Development and Management

Beverly Geckle, Continuing Resources Librarian

Denise Quintel, Discovery Services Librarian

Linda Turney, Electronic Resources cataloger

Rachel Kirk-Collection, Assessment Librarian & Business Liaison

Sheree Blakemore, Continuing Resources (Licensing)

Toni Butler-Click, Continuing Resources (Invoicing)

Katy Kazee, Materials Budget Accountant


Christy Groves-Chair of User Services, Aerospace Liaison, Concrete Management Liaison

Grover Baker, Fine Arts Liaison

Sharon Parente, Marketing Liaison, Advertising Liaison

Mary Ellen Sloane, Science Liaison

Kristen West, Instruction Librarian, Nutrition Liaison, HHP Liaison et al.