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SW 3200: Cultural Diversity: African Americans

Books at Walker library

Primary sources


CQ Researcher is a database that has very long articles on contemporary topics. Here are links to a few of the articles on education.

Media Portrayal

While the portrayals of Blacks by White actors in blackface provided limited and highly stereotypical African American roles and characters in mainstream films, the “all-colored cast” films purposefully showcased positive depictions of African Americans. These “race films” were produced for the segregated Black theaters across the country. In The Green-Eyed Monster (1919) and By Right of Birth (1921), the leading roles included bankers and businessmen. “Race films” also showcased Black actors as protagonists in western, dramatic, and romantic features. These films were created for and marketed to African American audiences.

Political issues--Articles

Information about African Countries

      For general information about where your cultural/ethnic group originated, look in some of these country guides for quick information about history, culture, family, education, etc.

Recent Articles from the Journal of African American Studies

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African American info from PBS and American Memory


African American Migration from PBS

Explore History: The African-American Migration Story

From the transatlantic slave trade to today's New Great Migration, learn about the major African-American migrations and how those movements changed the course of American history. Go Now

Voices from the Days of Slavery
The Library of Congress's American Folklife Center online collection: Voices from the Days of Slavery: Former Slaves Tell Their Stories, available at Library's American Memory. 

Memory Project
Standing on My Sisters' Shoulders  
An award-winning documentary about courageous women in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. Check out for additional information.

Black Women’s History Challenge
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Quick source for articles and other types of information.

Extended families have long been a strong support system within the African American community

Find many resources about African Americans in the database Student Resources and Opposing Viewpoints.

Resources include scholarly articles, magazines, reference, video, web sites, etc.



African American Culture



Ethiopian Americans